Luminarc Stackable Glass Bowls with Lids 21 piece set

luminarc 21 piece glass bowls with lids
The Luminarc 21 piece glass storage bowl set with lids consists of thirteen tempered glass bowls with eight lids. The tempered glass makes the bowls shock resistant. The bowls are safe in the Fridge, freezer, microwave and dishwasher. They come in a range of sizes and stack conveniently within each other when not in use.

The sizes you get are as follows: three 2.6 ounce bowls, one 4.9 ounce bowl, one 7.4 ounce bowl, two 12.2 ounce bowls with lids, two 20.6 ounce bowls with lids, one 1.2 quart bowl with lid, one 2 quart bowl with lid, one 3 quart bowl with lid, and one 4.5 quart bowl with lid.

In other words you get thirteen bowls and eight lids. As you can see, all the large bowls have lids, the smallest bowls do not as they are meant for use as side dishes, serving olives, pickles, nuts and other condiments, and are not meant for food storage. The large bowls can safely be used as mixing bowls (for instance if you are mixing cake ingredients or making bread) as well as to store leftovers and pre-cooked meals. This set is complete enough to meet all your cooking and storage needs.

Luminarc is French brand, and in this particular set, the lids are made in France and the glass bowls are made in the USA.

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